Công thức quá khứ tiếp diễn và 100 ví dụ

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Công thức quá khứ tiếp diễn và 100 ví dụ

Công thức quá khứ tiếp diễn và 100 ví dụ

Thì quá khứ tiếp diễn là gì?

Thì quá khứ tiếp diễn trong tiếng Anh thường được sử dụng để diễn tả:

  1. Một hành động / trạng thái đang diễn ra ở một thời điểm trong quá khứ.
  2. Một hành động đang diễn ra thì hành động khác xen vào.
  3. Một hành động trong quá khứ đã diễn ra và hành động đó thường lặp đi lặp lại.

Như vậy, từ khóa cần nhớ cho thì quá khứ tiếp diễn là: hành động / trạng thái đang ở thời điểm quá khứ, hành động đang diễn ra bị chen ngang trong quá khứ.

Công thức thì quá khứ tiếp diễn

Động từ trong câu ở thì quá khứ tiếp diễn có dạng was / were (not) + V-ing

Công thức câu khẳng định thì quá khứ tiếp diễn

Chủ từĐộng từ
Iwas + V-ing
You / We / They / Danh từ số nhiềuwere + V-ing
He / She / It / Danh từ số ítwas + V-ing

Ví dụ:

  • I was jogging in the park when it started to rain. / Tôi đang chạy bộ trong công viên thì trời đổ mưa.
  • I was watching "Cuoi Xuyen Viet 2020" at 9 p.m yesterday. / Tôi đang xem Cười Xuyên Việt năm 2020 vào lúc 9 giờ tối hôm qua.

Công thức câu phủ định thì quá khứ tiếp diễn

Ta thêm not sau was/were.

Chủ từĐộng từ
Iwas + not + V-ing / I wasn't V-ing
You / We / They / Danh từ số nhiềuwere + not + V-ing / weren't + V-ing
He / She / It / Danh từ số ítwas + not + V-ing / I wasn't V-ing

Ví dụ:

  • They weren't watching Rap Viet at 8 p.m yesterday. / Họ không đang xem Rap Việt lúc 8 giờ tối qua.
  • Minh wasn't sleeping when Mrs. Linh entered his room. / Minh không phải đang ngủ khi Bà Linh bước vô phòng.

Công thức câu hỏi thì quá khứ tiếp diễn

Từ hỏiChủ từĐộng từ
WasIV-ing + ?
Wereyou / we / they / danh từ số nhiềuV-ing + ?
Washe / she / it / danh từ số ítV-ing + ?
-wh question + wasIV-ing + ?
-wh question + wereyou / we / they / danh từ số nhiềuV-ing + ?
-wh question + washe / she / it / danh từ số ítV-ing + ?

Ví dụ:

  • What was they discussing about? / Họ đang thảo luận về điều gì?
  • Was Linh driving her new car when Ngoc met her yesterday? / Có phải Linh đang lái xe mới khi Ngọc gặp cô ấy vào hôm qua?

100 câu ví dụ thì quá khứ tiếp diễn trong tiếng Anh

100 câu ví dụ thì quá khứ tiếp diễn trong tiếng Anh sau đây được sưu tập từ nhiều nguồn:

  1. The sun was shining every day that summer.
  2. What were you doing when I called?
  3. She was reading book while people were talking to each other.
  4. I was not sleeping when you got home late last night.
  5. They were watching football on TV at 10 p.m yesterday.
  6. I was playing chess when she called me.
  7. Were you studying Math at 5 p.m yesterday?
  8. At that time, my parents were visiting their relatives.
  9. They weren’t sleeping during the meeting last Monday.
  10. While I was listening to music, I heard the doorbell.
  11. Khoa was planting flowers in the garden at 5 p.m yesterday.
  12. They were working when fire happened yesterday.
  13. She was ironing the clothes while her mother was making a pudding.
  14. Minh was riding her bike when we saw him last night.
  15. He was playing League of Legends when his boss went into the room.
  16. She was writing an email while we were watching football.
  17. He was always forgetting his girlfriend’s birthday.
  18. While I was reading a book last night, suddenly the electricity went off.
  19. The man was sending money to his daughter in the post office at that time.
  20. When he studied here, he was always making noise.
  21. While Tien was doing her homework, her mother came.
  22. She turned off the light when Hung was playing video games.
  23. A strange man came when they were having dinner.
  24. When Susan was crying, he hugged her.
  25. My mother was making Banh Tet while my father was decorating the house.
  26. While they were sleeping, two thieves broke into their house.
  27. I first met Dan Truong while I was staying in Ho Chi Minh city 10 years ago.
  28. While I was talking on phone, my dad came home.
  29. We were rehearsing the play when the lights went off.
  30. While John was eating, he often listened to music.
  31. He went home when I was taking a bath.
  32. Lucy was very unhappy when things weren't going well for her.
  33. Was your mother going to the market at 7 a.m yesterday?
  34. Were they staying with you when I called yesterday?
  35. Were you calling me when I emailed you this afternoon?
  36. They were still waiting for the bus when I talked to them.
  37. My brother was always complaining about my room when he got there.
  38. At three o’clock, I was hanging out with my friends.
  39. I was having a great conversation with him when his ex-girlfriend interrupted it.
  40. What were you doing in the morning yesterday?
  41. When Lisa stayed with me, she was always singing late at night.
  42. At this time last night, I was preparing birthday party for my honey.
  43. My sister was not doing the housework when our grandparents came home.
  44. I was chatting with Huong while my older brother was reading his favorite book yesterday.
  45. They were going to the supermarket when I met them yesterday.
  46. Dan was going to accept the job offer in New York but changed his mind later.
  47. Quang Dang was dancing while Kieu Loan was singing.
  48. When he was repairing the car, the tyre exploded.
  49. Hoang was working at a café when it started to rain heavily.
  50. I was wondering if you could open the door.
  51. At this time last year, I was attending a French course.
  52. At 7.30 pm yesterday, Hoang Anh Gia lai was playing against Viettel.
  53. The boy fell and hurt himself while he was riding a horse.
  54. When we met them last year, they were living in a shelter.
  55. The tourist lost his camera while he was walking through the jungle.
  56. The lorry was running very fast when it hit our car.
  57. While I was studying in my room, my roommate was having a party in the other room.
  58. Mary and I were just leaving the house when the telephone rang.
  59. At this time last Sunday, I was having my hair cut at 30 Shine.
  60. Tam was driving his new car very fast when Lan called him.
  61. I was surfing Instagram while my teacher was teaching new lesson yesterday.
  62. My father was playing Chiness chess with his friend when I got home.
  63. At this time last Thursday, I was having an interview.
  64. What were you doing at 10 pm yesterday?
  65. Where were you going when I caught you last night?
  66. They were not going to school when Mr. Duy met them yesterday.
  67. My mother was mopping the floor when my father returned.
  68. My sister was reading Harry Porter while my brother was playing with his yoyo.
  69. What was the lord doing when fire happened?
  70. At 8 pm last Saturday, Mariana was watching “Bo Gia”.
  71. At 10 am yesterday, Thoa was shopping in Tu Son Supermarket.
  72. While Huong was doing English exercises, Bao was making paper plane.
  73. While the robber was asking the accountant for money, the safeguard was sleeping.
  74. When I came, she was making up on her room.
  75. The van was running very fast when the trafic light was red.
  76. Were they gambling when policemen appeared?
  77. While the Chinese workers were trying to cross the border, the army stopped them.
  78. When we got to the house yesterday morning, the baby was drinking a bottle.
  79. Our neighbor was always telling us funny stories about his daughter.
  80. When I was going to work, I saw a traffic accident.
  81. What were you doing when the alarm went off last night?
  82. When I got home, my brother was lying on the bed.
  83. When I was traveling to Phu Quoc Island, my dog left home.
  84. When Tho Nguyen was working with the policemen, she felt unwell.
  85. When I was living with my dad, he cooked special dishes everyday.
  86. I was waiting in front of the theater when Linh got there.
  87. I was writing a report while my son was playing with his toy cars.
  88. Tran Thanh was filming when his wife was at home.
  89. At 3 am yesterday, a thief was breaking into Long’s house.
  90. Grandma was constantly singing songs when she made us breakfast.
  91. At that moment, Nana was rehearsing a play.
  92. What was she doing this time yesterday?
  93. At this time yesterday, Khai was having a seminar.
  94. She was always taking all my ideas.
  95. At this time last Monday, Ngoc Phuoc was receiving the trophy of Cuoi Xuyen Viet.
  96. Kien was watering the vegetables as I visited him.
  97. Hoa was tidying up her bedroom, she found her lost USB.
  98. While I was watching Sui Gia Khac Khau, my dad turned off the television.
  99. While the dog was chasing after the cat, it slipped.
  100. Thanh was taking a selfie when she fell.

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