Thì tương lai đơn và 100 ví dụ - simple future tense

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Thì tương lai đơn và 100 ví dụ - simple future tense

Thì tương lai đơn và 100 ví dụ - simple future tense

Thì tương lai đơn - simple future tense

Thì tương lai đơn diễn tả:

  • Một sự thật hoặc dự đoán sự kiện sẽ diễn ra trong tương lai
  • Một quyết định sẽ làm trong tương lai
  • Một lời hứa hay dự định (sẵn lòng) sẽ làm trong tương lai.

Công thức xây dựng câu ở thì tương lai đơn trong tiếng Anh:

S + will + V 

Chủ từ + will + động từ nguyên mẫu

Ví dụ:

  • It will rain tomorrow.
  • I'll do the washing-up. ('ll = will)

Câu phủ định thì tương lai đơn:

S + will not + V

Ví dụ:

  • I will not leave this room.
  • I won't leave this room. (won't = will not)

Câu hỏi thì tương lai đơn:

Will + S + V?

Ví dụ:

  • Will you marry me?


  • Trong tiếng Anh will được dùng phổ biến hơn shall.
  • Shall thường được dùng khi chủ từ là I hoặc we trong bối cảnh: đưa ra đề nghị, đưa ra lời khuyên, hỏi xin lời khuyên.

100 ví dụ thì tương lai đơn trong tiếng Anh

Các ví dụ bên dưới được sưu tập từ nhiều nguồn:

  1. I'll pay for the tickets by credit card.
  2. He'll carry your bag for you.
  3. The baby won't eat his soup.
  4. I won't leave until I've seen the manager!
  5. Shall I open the window?
  6. Shall we go to the cinema tonight?
  7. What shall I tell the boss about this money?
  8. You will do exactly as I say.
  9. Will you come to the dance with me?
  10. They will dance all night long.
  11. Next month he will be ten years old.
  12. How old will he be next month?
  13. It will be very cold in the winter.
  14. This winter will not be so cold.
  15. I hope you will have a successful trip.
  16. I hope you will not be disappointed.
  17. He won't be late again.
  18. What time will he arrive?
  19. She will be very happy when she finds out.
  20. We will eat in ten minutes.
  21. You will see him in a minute.
  22. I believe it will be a very nice party.
  23. I will always help you.
  24. We will win this match!
  25. I will drop by later.
  26. Will you come with us?
  27. We will stay for dinner.
  28. I won't give up.
  29. I will do it tomorrow.
  30. I will fix the car as soon as I can.
  31. We won't tell anyone about it.
  32. He will come here tomorrow.
  33. She will buy a laptop at the end of this month.
  34. She will take her exam at the end of this year.
  35. I'll meet him in his office tomorrow.
  36. We will shift to a new home the next month.
  37. I will give him a nice gift.
  38. They will send us a mail.
  39. He will marry her the next month.
  40. He will give me a book as a gift on my birthday.
  41. He will go to England in the next week.
  42. She will get admission in a new school.
  43. He will not buy a car.
  44. She will not come to college.
  45. They will not play Cricket.
  46. I will not go university tomorrow.
  47. He will not study this book.
  48. You will not need any help.
  49. They will not solve the problem.
  50. Student will not appear in the exam this year.
  51. They will not help you.
  52. He will not sing a song.
  53. Will they send him an invitation card?
  54. Will she marry him?
  55. Will they buy a new chair?
  56. Will you help me?
  57. Will he call me tomorrow?
  58. Will she bring some fruits for the guest.
  59. Will you come here?
  60. Will he go to office tomorrow?
  61. Will they go to America the next year?
  62. Will they plan about starting a business?
  63. Will he start a new job?
  64. You will be very happy.
  65. You will get a lot of money.
  66. You'll buy a beautiful house.
  67. Your friends will envy you.
  68. You will meet a beautiful woman.
  69. You'll marry her.
  70. You and your wife will travel around the world.
  71. People will serve you.
  72. They will not refuse to make you happy.
  73. But all this will only happen when you are 70 years old.
  74. We are lambs in a den of wolves. We will need your help.
  75. The Blueskins are bigger and stronger than the Pinkies, and if they have sharp sticks which are longer than ours they will surely defeat us.
  76. 'Wash up and eat your breakfast, Avery!' said his mother. 'The school bus will be along in half an hour.'
  77. Let me make a quick call and then I will join you, if that is all right.
  78. The old woman called to Butterbumps. 'Fool! Give us a song. A long one, I should think. "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" will do nicely.'
  79. You can set a goal to get better grades; but if you're not planning to go to college, chances are that goal won't have much meaning for you, and you probably won't reach the goal.
  80. Shall I clean out your room and try to forget that you ever existed?
  81. I will call you.
  82. We shall have a discussion in three days’ time.
  83. I shall arrive before noon. / They will arrive before noon.
  84. I shall be away tomorrow. / We shall be away tomorrow.
  85. I’ll be free for a week. / I won’t be free for a week.
  86. We’ll talk about it now. / We shan’t talk about it now. (shan't = shall not)
  87. No: I won’t talk and won’t ask her about it.
  88. I have asked the noisy children to keep quiet, but they won't listen.
  89. I shan’t make any payment until I receive all the goods.
  90. A meeting will be held next Monday at 2 p.m.
  91. I won’t be at the office tomorrow.
  92. I think he will phone me later.
  93. The rain will stop soon.
  94. I bet the away team will lose by two goals.
  95. Oil will float on water.
  96. Widening the road will improve traffic flow.
  97. I will help you clear the rat-infested storeroom in a moment.
  98. There's a noise outside. I will just go and check.
  99. You will report to me at eight o'clock tomorrow.
  100. will be popular.

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